Bylaws and Structure

LWML Handbook

Learn about the organization of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. The LWML Handbook contains everything to know about the organization; relationships of the local group and individual members to zone, district and national LWML, history, and meeting helps. Additional information can be found in the documents below.


LWML Leaders Manual

The 2015 Edition of the LWML Leaders Manual details the responsibilities and duties of our LWML leadership, which is helpful for those who are elected or appointed to serve. It can also be used as a resource for those who wish to be considered for an LWML committee appointment.



You can access the 2018 LWML Bylaws here. If you have other questions or comments regarding the bylaws of your district, zone, or group, please contact the Vice President of Organizational Resources.


LWML Purpose Statements

The purpose of the various offices and committees of the LWML.

  • Executive Committee: The purpose of the Executive Committee is to focus the vision of the organization and energize its membership to carry out the mission statement.
  • Nominating Committee: The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to seek out qualified, gifted members to be candidates for elected positions.
  • Meeting Manager — The purpose of the meeting manager is to seek out and arrange for quality services to meet the personal and meeting needs of the LWML.
  • Strategic Plan Facilitator: The purpose of the strategic plan facilitator is to be responsible for focusing the vision of the organization through the use of a planning process.
  • Public Relations Director: The purpose of the public relations director is to interact with synodical entities, other extensions of the church and the world at large, informing them of the mission and ministry of the LWML, developing partner relationships, and influencing perceptions and attitudes toward Lutheran Women in Mission.
  • Archivist-Historian: The purpose of the archivist-historian is to gather, receive and preserve records and other materials of historical significance to the LWML.
  • Parliamentarian: The purpose of the parliamentarian is to serve as adviser on parliamentary procedure to the president, officers and members upon request.