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  • Become a hospice volunteer.

  • Provide a speaker at church meetings to inform your congregation of ways they can assist physically impaired individuals.

  • Volunteer (you and/or your group) to help the local park department make all their facilities accessible to the physically impaired.

  • People in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware can become a puppy raiser for The Seeing Eye, Inc.

  • Provide hearing aids for use during church services for those who are hearing impaired.

  • Schedule a program featuring a chaplain or social worker in deaf or blind ministries.

  • Invite the director or counselor from the nearest recognized Lutheran social ministry agency which arranges adoptions to speak to the Sunday school and, if possible, the adult Bible class.

  • Encourage students to do research. How many Bible characters were adopted? How many famous Americans were adopted? Ask, "What would the world be like without these people?" Hang all the papers in a display area so everyone can read them.

  • Visit a center for abused women/children and just listen.

  • Collect and deliver baby supplies to a pro-life center.

  • Begin a Sunday school class for the developmentally disabled, or volunteer to help out occasionally with the lessons or crafts.

  • Provide health kits, Christmas and/or birthday gifts, beds, bedding, non-perishable food items, etc. for local facilities.

  • Participate in the "Angel Tree" program of Christmas gifts for the children of inmates.

  • Donate clothing (and perhaps some books, toys, etc.) to a community clothing bank.

  • Adopt a homeless family for Christmas. Provide gifts and/or gift certificates for each member as well as special holiday treats and devotional materials.

  • Provide meals for homeless when other agencies are closed.

  • Serve Thanksgiving dinner to homeless as a congregational outreach and have Christian decorations that they may take with them.

  • Pack peanut butter sandwiches at an LWML meeting for "carry out" at the soup kitchen. Remember to include a Christian tract or Bible verse.

  • Distribute small sacks labeled "lunch bank" to Sunday school children to fill with their loose change as a donation for the LCMS hunger program; emphasize that millions of children do not need a lunch bag because they have no lunch to eat!

  • Contact your local Crisis Pregnancy Center for a speaker.

  • Train to be a consultant for young women who come to the crisis center to talk about their pregnancy.

  • Serve as a foster parent for babies awaiting placement.

  • Adopt-a-soldier. Publicize in your church bulletin and newsletter the names of those serving in the military from your congregation, and encourage prayers and the sending of letters to those away from home.

  • Have the pastor introduce the service men and women to the congregation when they are home on leave.
  • Host a kitchen or paper goods shower for the campus center.

  • Invite students who need to remain on campus to share holiday celebrations with your family; be certain to include International students.

  • Host a picnic or potluck dinner for students.

  • On a regular basis, become personally involved at a local nursing home:

  • Organize a youth outing to shovel snow, rake leaves, etc. for shut-ins.

  • Volunteer to take one or more residents for an occasional walk.

  • Volunteer to be a friendly visitor. The elderly are often alone, especially if they are living alone. Visit and/or call on them on a regular basis.

  • Volunteer to help at elderly nutrition centers.

  • LCMS recognized Older Adult Ministries: www.aloaserves.org
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